General Dentistry

The goal of general dentistry is to prevent disease of the teeth and mouth. Therefore, these dental services are designed to be both preventative and restorative.

Services include routine comprehensive oral exams in order to stay ahead of risks. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can stay on top of your oral health. In addition to oral exams, other common dental services include cleanings, fillings, and applying sealant.

Our general dentistry services include root canal therapy, extractions if necessary, and fitting your teeth with bridges or crowns. Our bridges and crowns are made locally at a Northwest dental lab.

Dr. Chad Stephenson is a trained DDS with interest in dental implants. As a result, one of the services we offer is placing implants to replace missing teeth. Implants restore resilience, strength, stability, and support to the jaw and mouth.


Your oral health often represents your general health. In order to live a happy and healthy life, routine visits to the dentist are imperative. Our general dental services are meant to provide preventative and restorative help.

New Patient Special

New patients to Juniper Dental receive a free teeth whitening session after they purchase a full exam, X-rays, and a cleaning.

Feel comfortable the moment you walk in.

Our offices are designed to make you feel at ease. From the moment you walk into Juniper Dental, you will feel comfortable and welcomed. And that’s what keeps you coming back.



I had a toothache that I thought would get better. Finally, when I contacted Juniper Dental, they got me in the next day. My tooth ended up being okay and Dr. Stephenson realized that I was due for a check up so he took care of me then and there. Dr. Stephenson and his staff are so accommodating and wonderful that I look forward to my visits. I’d rather go to the dentist than get my hair cut! Thanks!

- Gwenn W.

I love everything about going to your office. I love the staff. I love that we get like 3 reminders when we have an appointment. Or maybe that is only me because I am known to forget. I have been fortunate to get an appointment right away when I call. I think because I only call if there is an immediate problem. No matter if I go in and it is a little problem I still feel like I am welcome. I only have good things to say as I have only had great visits.

- Jacque M.

“I had a cleaning and exam today at the Bend office. Nicole is absolutely the greatest hygienists around. I really appreciate her work that is thorough and genuinely friendly. Fortunately I have not had to have Dr. Stephenson do much work on my teeth, but my few interactions with him when I did were all positive. I find him to be a conscientious and caring dentist that truly looks out for your best interests. He has assembled a great team that provides superb service. Thanks.

- Ron M.